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We are open for business - please call our technical team if you need to discuss solutions for COVID-19 related battery projects.

COVID-19 Update

  Doing our bit for the NHS...

PMBL is proud to be doing its bit to support NHS staff and other key workers by 3D printing face shields.

Creating Face Shields for the NHS

Creating Face Shields for the NHS

  COVID-19 Update

As an integral part of the supply chain for many essential businesses, PMBL Ltd are fully operational and proud to be supporting several ramp-up programs in the fight against Covid-19, with further measures in place to ensure staff safety.

We are keeping in contact with many of the companies who supply products into the medical and life-saving sectors, to ensure the continuous supply of goods to them. By doing so ensures we play our part in helping the country’s infrastructure run smoothly during this difficult time.

PMBL Ltd are continuously monitoring the situation around the ongoing Pandemic to ensure that our staff and customers health are at the forefront of our operations. To reduce the risk of spreading the virus, we have introduced procedures that allow the business to operate safely, with minimal disruption.

We currently have full staff safety on site, with new improved hygiene and transport procedures to minimise the spread. So far, our business is operating as usual in every respect of operation. We also have office staff effectively working from home and would like to reassure you that we have systems in place that allow us to do so.



  Quote from customer...

“Specifically in response to the COVID-19 situation as reported in the Health & Safety Journal 25/3/20, we are prioritising manufacture of safety devices able to warn health-workers when an environment becomes oxygen enriched. We see it as our duty to continue to work at our factory for the production and shipping of goods to keep the above supply chains working in these troubled times.

As a key supplier, PMBL supplies materials and/or products which are, or are used in and for, critical safety products. Without PMBL’s materials and products, and those of PMBL’s sub-suppliers, we could not deliver critical safety products to key organisations.”


Custom Battery Design

Batteries built to your specification

Contact us to confirm your battery requirements and an engineer will help design and arrange manufacture and supply.  No order too large!

Battery Design

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Our engineers have years of experience designing battery packs for the major industries including Medical, Electronics, Motor and Oil and Gas.

NiMH Batteries

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Cost effective one stop shop UK battery manufacturer with ISO 9001 Accreditation  - Your ideal custom battery pack manufacturer.

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  Why PMBL?

As a leading UK manufacturer of custom designed battery packs using a wide variety of battery types, we are a one stop battery supplier for small, medium and large companies, we have designed and manufactured battery solutions for new-to-market products as well as household items.

With over 30 years experience of working with large and small companies, we have designed and manufactured battery solutions for applications and innovations as well as large electronic products.

We have a reputation for working closely with our clients to find the optimum solution for their battery pack requirements taking into consideration budget, size, timescales and environment as well as the all important power requirements.

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Varta Batteries

VARTA Microbattery value PMBL as a long standing, trusted partner who have extensive experience in the field of battery pack assembly. For over 10 years, PMBL have provided VARTA a reliable, professional and high quality service for our customers from custom pack design through to full manufacture and supply chain support


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