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Custom Battery Packs Built to Your Requirements

When you are developing a new product that requires Custom Battery Packs to power your new innovation, it's important to select a supplier that can help you from the outset, including design, assembly, quality assurance and delivery. ..

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Battery Pack Assembly Quality Assurance

Battery Pack Assembly can involve components from a number of different suppliers. To ensure that the quality of the end product is to the standard PMBL and it's customers demand it's essential to have the right quality assurance processes in place. ..

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Battery Pack Design Service

To get the best power solution for your product it often requires a battery pack design that is tailor made for you. ..

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Lithium Ion Battery Packs

Lithium Ion Battery Technology is now included in almost every advanced mobile electronic device. Everything from mobile phones to Laptop Computers and Tablets. There are such a wide variety of shapes & sizes, power outputs and re-charge rates that a Custom Battery Pack designed for specific applications is now becoming common place. ..

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