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Lithium Manganese Batteries

Advantages of Lithium Manganese Batteries

Features of  Lithium Manganese cells include:

  • Cell Voltage: 3.0V (nominal)
  • • Sizes: Various Coin & Round Cells.
  • • Temperature Range: -20° C to +60° C
  • • Shelf Life:10+ years at 20° C
  • • Discharge Characteristics : Flat (stable voltage) discharge curves.
  • • Energy by Volume:(230 Wh/kg); 9.0 Wh/in.3 (550 Wh/l).
  • • Energy by Weight: Depending on cell configuration, up to 105 Wh/lb.
  • • Capacity: 30mAh to

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Manganese dioxide lithium cells are also available in standard cylindrical and coin sizes. They are in many ways equivalent to poly (carbon monofluoride) cells in terms of construction, energy density, safety and OCV, but typically have only about half the service life. However, manganese dioxide-lithium cells are well-suited to applications having relatively high continuous- or pulse-current requirements, since the cell internal impedance is somewhat lower than for other types. 

Applications For Lithium Manganese Batteries:

General purpose in photographic and electronic applications requiring small, high power batteries, e.g., security transmitters, smoke alarms, computer peripherals, communications equipment, cameras, personal organizers, memory backup, lighting.

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