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Choosing The Right Battery

When considering a Battery for a new application there are several factors that should be taken into account as part of your battery pack design. 

First, some information on batteries. 

What are batteries? 

Batteries are portable electrical energy stores. When accessed, they supply a flow of electric current that will typically power a device designed to use it. How long have we had batteries? Batteries date back to 1800 when Alessandro Volta invented the "voltaic pile"—a pile of brine, silver and zinc saturated blotting paper. The first commercial batteries were available in 1896 from the National Carbon Company (later Eveready). 

Modern Batteries. 

Today's micro-electronic devices are powered by dry cell batteries such as the cylindrical AA batteries we all know. They are available in single-use (primary) or rechargeable (secondary) models. How to choose your Battery. At the very start of the process you need to define the operational characteristics of the battery pack. There are many to consider but here are just a few: Environmental, Size, Cost, Recharge Rate, Usage Rate, Idle Time. 

Should I opt for Brand Cells? 

Some engineers have a preference to work with specific brand cells and manufacturers for their battery pack designs. To get the most from this approach it's important to partner with a battery design company that has strong relationships with the top battery manufacturers and suppliers of all battery types. Is the size of the battery important? The dimensional space that is available as part of the design brief is important. Miniaturization normally comes at a price and if the space available is limited then the cost of battery production is often higher. 

What battery chemistry should I use? 

The battery cell chemistry is an important consideration and is now quite a complex part of the "what battery should I use?" discussion. There are a number of different battery chemistries to consider as part of your battery pack design. Each chemistry composition will have its own specifications and characteristics. 

The battery design and engineering team at PMBL are able to discuss these characteristics in detail so that you make the right choice for your application.

Choosing The Right Battery - talk To PMBL

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Choose The Right Battery

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