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Custom Battery Pack Solution Service

Custom Battery Packs are likely to provide the ideal solution you have been looking for if you are facing any difficulties with your current batteries. Custom made battery packs offer solutions to: poor quality and performance; inadequate charging and control systems; and ill-fitting connections and attachment to product. Or, perhaps you may have concerns regarding the safety and management of your battery, or you may be wondering how you can lower your environmental impact - Custom Battery Packs provide the best solution for a variety of issues you may be facing, all whilst meeting your specific requirements.  

The opportunity to discuss your unique and specific requirements with a professional UK based battery specialist, designer and manufacturer offers many advantages to businesses. The technology used in batteries is becoming more and more complex and custom battery packs are now essential to make the best use of your electronic products.    

At a first glance, off-the-shelf battery packs may appear like a cheaper and quicker option. However, often the best option for performance, quality, price and ongoing support is a battery pack that has been designed specifically for you. Thus, providing you with a battery that meets all of your requirements.  

Custom Made Battery Packs will not only fit snugly into the product, but will have greater robustness and reliability providing a longer and more effective use of the product. In addition, bespoke control electronics and chargers are manufactured to accompany the style of your required battery - meaning no worries over the safety and management of your product or charging issues. 

PMBL are a leading UK based Custom Battery Pack Manufacturer and only use leading cell components in their products. PMBL design and manufacture a wide variety of custom battery pack solutions to fit any requirement and they understand the upmost importance of choosing the right Custom Battery Pack. Whether you need a complex, high temperature nickel metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable pack; a heavy duty and high capacity lead acid battery pack; an alkaline or lithium primary battery pack; or an advanced lithium ion or lithium polymer pack with built-in safety circuit - PMBL have the experience and knowledge to create your solution. 

Even after the purchase of a Custom Made Battery Pack, you will still have access to ongoing tailored support from PMBL's technicians who will provide you with expert solutions. 

Battery Pack Design Considerations. 

An experienced Custom Battery Packs Design Company, such as PMBL, will:

  • Identify the right battery chemistry, technology and structure to adopt
  • Provide the detailed battery specification of the pack you need
  • Provide the detailed design of the physical and electronic elements of the Battery Pack
  • Provide early proto-type samples for your own testing and approval 
  • Deliver full testing of your product 
  • Give a full supply chain manufacture and delivery program
  • Work with your product specialists throughout the process to ensure that you get the Bespoke Battery Design that you need for the success of your product.

All of the above is taken into account when designing a Custom Battery Pack with PMBL. 

PMBL's Credentials

The custom design of a battery pack requires a partnership between product developer and battery engineer to ensure the requirements of your product are met in the short, medium and long term. PMBL have decades of experience and expertise in battery application engineering, design and product development across a wide range of industries. Solutions can be found in the development of small, medium and large industrial battery packs. By creating close relationships with other key leading battery manufactures, PMBL can shortcut any battery product or manufacture issues enabling the vital success of any product development you may have. 

Talk to a UK based Custom Battery Pack Design Specialist.

If you would like more information on PMBL's Custom Battery Pack Solution service and how it can help you develop your application or product:

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