Custom LiPo Battery Packs UK

When you are looking for Custom LiPo Battery Packs UK companies can rely on then it's important to select a UK supplier that can help you from design to lipo battery pack assembly and responsive delivery. 

Custom Lipo (Lithium Polymer) Battery Packs UK It's important to understand that a standard lipo battery pack does not suit the requirement of every application. Indeed, if you need a custom lipo battery pack for a specific, new or updated application then our lipo battery engineers can work with you to confirm your design requirements and advise you of the best solution for your business. 

Your Custom Lipo Battery Packs will then be built and delivered either within the UK or abroad to your timescales and budget from our UK based production plant at Chard in Somerset. If your application is at en early stage of development, Prototype Battery Packs, in addition to small batch runs, should be considered as an ideal way of testing your product ideas. 

If you need advice or would like to discuss your requirements with an experienced battery engineer, you can talk to one of PMBL's Custom LiPo Battery Pack design specialists. They have many years of assisting product developers with identifying and delivering the right battery technology that works. 

PMBL Lipo Battery Pack UK Production Facilities include:

  • Custom Lipo Battery Pack assembly
  • Electrical and computer controlled capacity testing
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Lead assembly production
  • Encapsulation using foam or resin based products
  • Hot foil/ soft touch printing
  • ISO9001 Quality Assurance accredited management

Alternative Battery Pack Solutions - Chemistries. 

After talking to one of PMBL's battery technology engineers you may want to consider alternative Battery Cell Solutions. If so, PMBL are experienced in all primary and secondary battery chemistries including: 

  • Lithium ion, 
  • Lithium Polymer, 
  • Lithium Primary, 
  • Nickel Metal Hydride, 
  • Nickel Cadmium, 
  • Alkaline Primary, 
  • Lithium Manganese, 
  • Lithium thionyl chloride and 
  • Lead Acid.

Talk to a Custom LiPo Battery Pack Specialist UK

If you would like more information on how Custom LiPo Battery Packs and how they can help you develop your application or product:

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