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Custom Made Medical Batteries

Custom Made Medical Batteries are mission critical within the Healthcare Industry. The current situation within the healthcare industry where key equipment must have autonomy and failsafe capabilities has resulted in the widespread use of battery backup systems being designed and built into each unit. Custom Made Medical Batteries also help by additionally making sure that the correct power performance needs are met but by providing the ideal solution in an effective way as possible, ensuring that your lead time to market, proto-typing and testing costs are kept as low as possible.

This statement from one of our key customer's explains how they work with PMBL:

“Specifically in response to the COVID-19 situation as reported in the Health & Safety Journal 25/3/20. We are prioritising manufacture of safety devices able to warn health-workers when an environment becomes oxygen enriched. We see it as our duty to continue to work at our factory for the production and shipping of goods to keep the above supply chains working in these troubled times. As a key supplier, PMBL supplies materials and/or products which are, or are used in and for, critical safety products. Without PMBL’s materials and products, and those of PMBL’s sub-suppliers, we could not deliver critical safety products to key organisations.”

Quality, Service and Affordability

Rising costs within the Healthcare Services for both Public Funded and Private means that the entire medical industry is continually looking for innovitive ways to achieve and maintain the highest service quality whilst being as cost-effective as possible. Product and Technical innovation means that equipment availability and lifespan has improved whilst not reducing precision and safety characteristics of equipment and have maximised the use of Custom Made Medical Batteries within their design and manufacture.

Battery Solutions for Medical Equipment and Systems must have reliability, robustness and quality built in from the very start. Design, attention to detail, thorough and precise testing and high quality manufacturing processes are fundamental to the delivery of these Custom Made Medical Batteries whether they are in proto-type, small, medium or large scale deliveries.

Working alongside key battery technology suppliers for all battery chemistry types (Lead Acid, Lithium, and Nickel Metal Hydride), our UK based (Somerset) operations centre is able to respond quickly to any demands the industry makes of us.

In addition, PMBL have long standing standing relationships with many of the most dependable cell manufacturers within the market.

The design and manufacture of Custom Made Medical Batteries from PMBL is in line with all batteries and custom battery packs manufactured by us and follow the highest QA and development standards in the Battery Industry. Our aim is to ensure the highest level of quality that our customers expect when developing for the life critical medical applications they are bringing to market. Our team of experienced Custom Made Medical Battery Engineers are here to advise you on the right battery type for your mission critical medical applications (whether they are for defibrillators, patient monitors, healthcare devices, diagnostic tools, ultrasound devices, mobility products, medical carts and other specialist medical instruments).

As with the majority of specialist battery packs, they're often required to provide a specific rated power source for applications or services that are mobile and cannot be connected to mains power due to their location or purpose. This mobile battery power has to be delivered safely and typically with need to be rechargeable. Specialist Custom Made Medical Batteries, PMBL,  have, by the value of their many years of experience in designing and developing Custom Made Medical Batteries, become a key part of most of their clients project life-cycles.

The need for traceability, reliability and performance are fundamentally essential when purchasing Custom Made Medical Batteries. Also, a responsive ongoing customer advice and support service is needed to ensure that your products are running smoothly and efficiently even after delivery.


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PMBL can manufacture your Custom Made Medical Batteries with cells from the UK's leading battery manufacturers.


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