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Custom Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Advantages

Custom Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Advantages that can benefit your specific product or application. PMBL have many years of experience in designing and assembling NiMh Battery Packs plus other battery chemical compositions. 

Custom Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Advantages from PMBL

Based in Chard in the UK, PMBL can directly provide all you require for NiMH custom battery pack design. As part of our initial discussions, PMBL work with clients to establish exactly which Battery Technology is the correct one for their needs. Going forward, attention to detail and full customer support delivers the final assembled battery pack and brings it to life. Many of PMBL's clients battery solutions require specific terminations and wrapping. These issues and requirements are identified as early in the process as possible so that a clear set of objectives are established.

Should a NiMh Battery be selected as the correct solution, here are some of the advantages that a Custom Nickel Metal Hydride Battery has to offer:

  • 30 - 40 % higher capacity over a standard Ni-Cd. 
  • The Nickel Metal Hydride Battery has potential for yet higher energy densities. 
  • Less prone to memory than the Ni-Cd. 
  • Periodic exercise cycles are required less often.
  • Simple storage and transportation - transportation conditions are not subject to regulatory control. 
  • Environmentally friendly - contains only mild toxins; and 
  • Profitable for recycling.

There are however, some disadvantages that should also be considered:

  • Limited service life - if repeatedly deep cycled, especially at high load currents, the performance starts to deteriorate after 200 to 300 cycles. Shallow rather than deep discharge cycles are preferred.
  • Limited discharge current - although a Nickel Metal Hydride Battery is capable of delivering high discharge currents, repeated discharges with high load currents reduces the battery’s cycle life. Best results are achieved with load currents of 0.2C to 0.5C (one-fifth to one-half of the rated capacity).
  • More complex charge algorithm needed - the Nickel Metal Hydride Battery generates more heat during charge and requires a longer charge time than the Ni-Cd. The trickle charge is critical and must be controlled carefully.
  • High self-discharge - the Nickel Metal Hydride Battery has about 50 percent higher self-discharge compared to the Ni-Cd. New chemical additives improve the self-discharge but at the expense of lower energy density.
  • Performance degrades if stored at elevated temperatures - the Nickel Metal Hydride Battery should be stored in a cool place and at a state-of-charge of about 40 %
  • High maintenance - battery requires regular full discharge to prevent crystalline formation.
  • About 20 % more expensive than Ni-Cd - Nickel Metal Hydride Battery designed for high current draw are more expensive than the regular version.

If you would like more information on the Custom Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Advantages and how it can help you develop your application or product:

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