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NiMH Battery Pack Assembly

Why Assemble NiMH Battery Packs?

NiMH batteries are superb for applications that require a rechargeable battery pack and are a widely available technology in raw form from leading battery manufacture brands (such as VARTA, a PMBL partner). As a base technology material for more complex battery packs, they offer a number of advantages over battery packs that are available off the shelf: Configurations are easily altered to fit individual application requirements; Each NiMH battery cell can be individually checked for voltage; and they are cost effective


NiMH Battery Pack Assembly from PMBL

Which NiMH Battery Cell Manufacturer Should You Choose?

There are many manufacturers available, but it's usually better in the long run to select a manufacturer that is well established and has a track record of reliability and robustness for its NiMH cells.

PMBL use VARTA NiMH cells. However, depending on the application characteristics PMBL will help you choose the right NiMH Battery Cell Manufacturer for you should VARTA not be appropriate

Who should you choose as a battery assembly supplier?

One that has the right level of experience, trained staff and the attitude to quality, service and manufacture that means that you get the results you want at a cost effective price and the time frames you need. This sounds just like PMBL.

With a policy of on-the-job training to ensure that the capability of all personnel who manage, perform or verify functions applicable to the Quality System is maintained at the highest levels. PMBL’s Quality System Manual describes how the Quality programme is put into effect.

The management of PMBL believe that Quality Assurance is not only a practice defined in a manual, but is the enthusiastic attitude and commitment of all employees to providing a service that meets the customer’s expectations in every way. PMBL's approach to delivering the solution you need is tried and tested. A repeatable process the ensures we match and often exceed your expectations.

The key phases of PMBL's approach are:

Discovery: A key foundation of any project is to understand your business and project aims as early as possible. Establishing clear requirements and building a close relationship will help deliver excellent results.

Design: By working closely as a team, our respective staff will jointly deliver most appropriate solution for your application and budget.

Develop: Once the detailed design is complete, early proto-types or short production runs will start the delivery process and assist in resolving any integration issues that may occur.

Quality Testing: A thorough QA and Testing Process ensures that your product meets your requirements from a Quality and Financial viewpoint Battery Manufacture: Once the test and evaluation process is complete, full production can start.

Talk to one of our battery specialists for more information on our Custom NiMH Battery Pack Design and Assembly Service.

PMBL can design and assemble your NiMH Battery Packs and bring your application to life.


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