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NiMH Battery Specialists UK

NiMH Battery Specialists, PMBL, can make all the difference to your product development if you involve them at an early stage of application development. In fact the earlier you involve PMBL's NiMH Battery Specialists the better, as this early involvement can highlight any potential design or production flaws that can be expensive and time consuming to remedy if not detected until later in the project life cycle.

NiMH Battery Specialists, PMBL, also help by not only ensuring that the right power performance requirements are met but by getting to the right solution as efficiently as possible, your lead time to market, proto-typing and testing costs, are kept to a minimum.

There are several NiMH Battery Specialists in the UK but by selecting a company with a track record of custom made, bespoke battery pack design and assembly you can be safe in the knowledge that you are being properly advised throughout the whole process. Right from concept through to delivery, design, testing and shipping.

As with the majority of NIMH specialist battery packs, they're often required to provide a specific rated power source for applications or services that are mobile and cannot be connected to mains power due to their location or purpose. This mobile battery power has to be delivered safely and typically with need to be rechargeable. NiMH Battery Pack Specialists, PMBL,  have, by the value of their many years of experience in designing and developing Custom Made NiMH Batteries, become a key part of most of their clients project life-cycles.


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Benefits of NiMH Batteries

  • 30 - 40 % higher capacity over a standard Ni-Cd. The NiMH has potential for yet higher energy densities.
  • Less prone to memory than the Ni-Cd. 
  • Periodic exercise cycles are required less often. 
  •  Simple storage and transportation - transportation conditions are not subject to regulatory control. 
  •  Environmentally friendly - contains only mild toxins; profitable for recycling.

Limitations of NiMH Batteries

  • Limited service life - The performance starts to deteriorate after 200 to 300 cycles.
  • Limited discharge current - Repeated discharges with high load currents reduces the battery’s cycle life. 
  •  Longer Charge Period - Controlled Trickle Charge needed. 
  •  High self-discharge - 50 percent higher self-discharge compared to the Ni-Cd. 
  • New chemical additives improve the self-discharge but at the expense of lower energy density. 
  •  High Temperature Performance degradation - Performance degrades if stored at elevated temperatures, NiMH Battery Packs should be stored in a cool place and at a state-of-charge of about 40 % 
  •  High maintenance - battery requires regular full discharge to prevent crystalline formation. 
  •  Price - About 20 % more expensive than Ni-Cd.

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PMBL can manufacture your Custom made NiMH Batteries with cells from Varta, GP, Saft, Sanyo, Emmerich and many more.


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