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Specialist Battery Suppliers

Specialist Battery Suppliers that have technical experts with experience in Custom Battery Pack Design can make a real difference to your Product Development, not only by ensuring that the right power performance requirements are met but by getting to the right solution as efficiently as possible, your lead time to market, protyping and testing costs, are kept to a minimum.

There are many Battery Suppliers in the UK but by selecting a company with a track record of bespoke battery pack design and assembly you can be safe in the knowledge that you are being correctly advised throughout the whole process. Right from concept through to delivery and shipping.

As with the majority of custom battery packs, their purpose is to prove a specific integrated power source for portable applications or services that cannot be connected to mains power due to their location. This power has to be delivered safely and typically with need to be rechargeable. Specialist Battery Packs have developed over the years into the key component of most portable electrical systems and equipment. Just recall the improvements made to mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

These specialist batteries are designed to have a longer life, be lighter, and adaptable so as to cosily fit into the designed enclosure of the product. They are also typically have faster re-charge capabilities. The key benefit of using specialist battery supplier, is that designing the battery pack to suit the product gives greater flexibility in product design and performance rather than just fitting a standard battery pack with the limitations that may present.

Additionally, having customised the exact electrical and mechanical requirements to the product application, the size and shape of the pack can be specifically integrated into the design of the product giving it a professional finish. The value of a quality proto-typing process should not be underestimated and can save money and time in the overall project lifecycle.

How Can Specialist Battery Suppliers Help?:

More Robust and Reliable. Pressure points in the design can be identified early on and where necessary connections can be strengthened to withstand the operating nature of the application, giving longer life over standard packs. By using specifically designed, bespoke battery packs, users will be required to use only approved cells and chargers. This will help avoid unintended damage to the application and ensure that it operates as intended. Lower production costs. As the power cells can be located in the best possible place within the product, this will allow streamlining of the manufacturing process saving time, weight and cost.

Manufacturing Efficiency: Identifying and superfluous components giving less item to handle and consequently fewer design headaches. Other downstream benefits include the spares, accessories and replacement opportunities that can so often extend the commercial life of a product by offering only approved, compatible equipment.

Sourcing from a Specialist Battery Suppliers also provides: 

  • Access to dedicated specialist engineers and development facilities. 
  • Proto-typing (when appropriate) makes sure that the product is absolutely correct before full production occurs. 
  • Allows your engineers to focus on product development rather than power issues. 
  • Possible reduction in development time-scales. 
  • Potentially reduced development costs.

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