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A UK Custom Made Battery Pack Manufacturer and Assembler that can give your business the advantage it needs when developing your new mobile electronic application or product. It's unusual for electronic product developers that require mobile power as part of their inherent design and get the best battery power solution by just Googling for an online or high-street battery store and purchasing a couple of standard AA batteries. 

UK Custom Made Battery Pack Manufacturer and Assembler, PMBL, has a tried and tested process that will typically take into account the detailed and complex specifications that your new products, components & applications demand. This means that the help of an specialist custom mage battery design company, with battery pack design and assembly expertise that will help deliver the right solution for your product - A Custom Made Battery Pack that is designed and assembled to your detailed specifications.

PMBL, a UK based, Custom Made Battery Pack Manufacturer and Assembler of Bespoke Battery Packs, can advise and help you select the best possible battery solution.

Frequently, a product development expert will need the assistance of a Custom Battery Pack Design & Assembly company that has experience in assisting product designers with the process of detailing and developing the correct battery power solutions they need for their new application. Sometimes this assistance is obtained too late in the development cycle and can have a significant material impact on development times, quality and investment costs. 


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Get UK Custom Made Battery Pack Manufacturer and Assembler Advice

PMBL have many years experience helping product developers creating the Bespoke Battery Pack Design & Assembly they need to make their new applications a success. Whether the application requires a solution that uses Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), Lithium Ion, Lithium Polymer, Lithium Primary and Alkaline Battery Pack Technologies, PMBL battery design and assembly engineers can guide you through the whole process - from concept to prototype to small batch delivery to large scale production to distribution and delivery.

Custom Battery Pack Design & Assembly Overview: 

If this is the first time you are seeking a battery partner to help develop your new product or to upgrade an existing application, PMBL are a UK battery pack manufacturer with comprehensive battery design & engineering capabilities, offering the latest in battery chemistries  including the packaging facilities to label, shrink wrap, custom terminate or enclose in plastic. 

If you have used battery design companies before but require the attention to detail and quality control processes that will enhance your product delivery then PMBL may be the Battery Company you have been looking for.

It's vital to get the all considerations of the design correct in order to deliver the ideal custom battery pack products that deliver the cost effective, environmentally safe solution required. Because PMBL offer such a wide range of battery technologies and chemistries they're customers can be assured that they are getting the most appropriate solution for their products and at the right price. 

Custom Made, Bespoke Battery Pack Design: 

Early design services include chemistry selection, battery charger selection/design, product construction suggestions and testing programs. These ensure that the product specifications are matched or exceeded right through the project process. 

Custom Battery Pack Manufacturer, Designer and Assembler: 

PMBL's Battery Pack Design, Development and Manufacturing Team have decades of experience between them covering a broad spectrum of industries and sectors including sports & leisure, medical, industrial, and high-volume consumer industries. 

This provides you with a significant advantage over product developers who are going it alone and not involving Battery Pack Design & Assembly specialists at an early point in the development life cycle.

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Get UK Custom Made Battery Pack Manufacturer and Assembler Advice

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