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Why Choose NiMH Batteries

What are NiMH Batteries? NiMH is an abreviation for Nickel Metal Hydride, one of the most advanced battery composite chemicles, which has many advantages over other battery construction materials. The NiMH Battery gives low battery memory effect, high energy storage rating, superb power delivery, high re-charge & re-use capabilities, ideal for music players, cameras, video divices and gaming toys.

What does battery memory mean?

Legacy batteries with older chemical constitutions were subject to what was called a memory effect. This happens when a battery must be fully drained before recharge or the battery is subject to a capacity reduction. The latest NIMH batteries do not suffer from a memory effect and can be confidently recharged at anytime during usage it charge cycle. However, if you are uncertain about the level of battery charge it is recommended that you recharge it.


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What Does Energy Storage Rating mean?

This is a rating of energy storage capacity (mAh = “milli-ampere hours”) in is the measure of the energy a battery is able to deliver of a period of time. Therefore, if you are comparing batteries with a 2000 mAh rating, it will have twice the capacity of a 1000 mAh rating.

What are NiMH batteries best suited for?

Where a device or application has a high energy consumption demand and where the battery will require regular recharging, NiMH batteries offer a great solution. The most appropraite applications for NiMH batteries are digital cameras, hand held games machines, portable music players, video devices, phones and toys. Whenever you find you are continually buying replacement alkaline batteries for an application then you should consider using rechargeable NiMH Batteries.

What are NiMH batteries not best suited for?

Where the battery is infrequently used, ie within a 30 day period, or the energy requirement is low (i.e. media remote control devices, smoke alarms, emergency flashlights, clocks, more).

What's the number of times a NiMH battery can be recharged?:

Typically, any NiMH battery above 2100 mAh will have below 1000 charge cycles.

Some Battery Maintenance and Usage Tips

  • Don't mix batteries from different manufacturers.
  • Don't mix batteries of different capacities.
  • Don't mix batteries of different chemistry compositions, i.e. NiCd, NiMH, Lithium. Etc
  • Don't DROP the battery.
  • Don't store NiMH Batteries in the Fridge.
  • Don't overheat NiMH Batteries
  • Do FULLY charge the batteries before initial use, ideally for the first three to five uses.
  • Do Dispose of responsibly & re-cycle wherever possible.

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