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Tadiran batteries are a world leader in design and development of lithium battery technologies for long lasting commercial and industrial applications and battery design solutions.


Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC) Battery Cells:

LTC cells are suitable where a high energy primary battery is required for up to 25 years operation.

  • Excellent shelf life (10 years)
  • Extremely low self-discharge (1 % or less per year)
  • Suited for long-term use with low current
  • For operation at low current levels
  • Temperature range from -55 °C to +85 °C

  • Extension of temperature range up to +130 °C
  • Slightly reduced capacity
  • Otherwise similar to the SL-300 series

  • Greatly improved voltage delay at the start of discharge at medium current levels
  • Intermittent discharge at medium current levels
  • Best results if used after no more than 3 years of storage
  • Otherwise like the SL-300 series

  • Higher voltage under pulse load even with low background currents
  • Improved voltage delay behaviour at ambient and elevated temperatures
  • Fast voltage recovery after long term storage
  • More capacity Higher discharge rate
  • No orientation effect

  • More capacity
  • Extra low self discharge
  • Extra low passivation during long term use


PMBL are approved by Tadiran for battery pack assembly.

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