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Battery Pack Assembly Quality Assurance

Battery Pack Assembly can involve components from a number of different suppliers. To ensure that the quality of the end product is to the standard PMBL and it's customers demand it's essential to have the right quality assurance processes in place.

PMBL have a dedicated Battery Production Quality Assurance Manager, whose primary function is to ensure that the quality of the end product meets all of their stringent manufacturing and assembly requirements.

This quality process can involve not only the assembly methods used but also the quality and consistency of the component battery cells and electronics used to make up the battery pack.

To this end, the PMBL Quality Manager, visited a number of key suppliers to ensure that:

  • Production methods and materials enhanced consistency
  • Testing processes were in place and were strictly followed to detect any faults
  • Reporting procedures were implemented to record and track any faults
  • Communication between supplier and PMBL ensured clear understanding of requirements, testing status and delivery scheduling was working effectively.
  • These visits are happening on a regular basis and include trips to Asia and Europe in the future.

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