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Bespoke Battery Pack Design Service

If you need a Bespoke Battery Pack Design Service, one that delivers the best mobile power solution for your product, then it's important to select the right Bespoke Battery Design Company, one that will ensure that the resultant battery design is tailor made for you.

Battery Pack Design Service from PMBL

The complexities involved in a Bespoke Battery Design can relate to physical dimensions, discharge rate, recharge rate, length of discharge among many other points, all of which your Battery Pack Design Service provider (such as PMBL) will determine in full with you as part of the design process.

They will help you to identify the correct battery technology, configurations and operational characteristics to ensure that your Custom Made Battery Pack is what you need and that it is the most appropriate solution with safety and electronic considerations in mind.

There are many design elements that need to be included in a new power pack development and many of these will not be immediately obvious to the product developer. That's where your Bespoke Battery Pack Design Partner can help.

A bespoke designed battery pack provides:

  • Improved Reliability
  • Wider Operational Capability
  • Better Re-charging Characteristics
  • Increased Functionality and
  • Safer Operation

It does this by delivering:

  • Battery Charger Design with safe compatibility
  • Electrical Integration into Application
  • Appropriate controls and communication
  • Package styling and container design
  • Environment Support (for Tough Conditions) using Sealed & Encapsulated Solutions

Bespoke Battery Pack Testing and Quality Control

All custom designed battery packs, assembled and manufactured by PMBL, are tested prior to dispatch. Where necessary, environmental operational tests are also performed under a variety of circumstances during charge and discharge along with all elements of integration with your own host equipment.

Battery Pack Design Quality Approval

PMBL uses business system controls that govern operational processes and staff development. We are approved to ISO 9001 and work with UKAS approved accreditation.

Talk to a Bespoke Battery Pack Design Service Company

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