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Why the Need for Custom Mobile Battery Power Packs?

As the need for portable power to drive an ever wider range of consumer products, the advances in battery pack technology are having to run to keep up. 

Wide Range of Mobile Applications and Devices.

Many of today’s mobile electronic gadgets carry their own, self contained, energy source with them as the consumer demand for these products to be usable anywhere they go continues. 

Depending on the type of application involved, this portable power supply may need to have a wide range of characteristics and operational qualities. These characteristics vary: Some may need to discharge a small charge over a long period of time with intermittent bursts, others may want to have bursts of power over relatively small time periods but need to have a quick recharge capability in between. 

These characteristics are just some of the considerations taken into account when designing and developing Custom Mobile Battery Power Packs for consumer products. 

Since the advent of the Mobile Phone, the advancement of Laptop and Tablet computing and the universal uptake of Smart Phones, Mobile Power Pack technologies have progressed almost exponentially over the past ten years with new innovations being made virtually on a weekly basis.

Improved Power Consumption and Recharge Rates 

The base product devices have improved their inherent designs making sure that their electrical power consumption rates have reduced dramatically and the Custom Battery Packs they use have improved significantly to provide increased power for longer periods, with quicker recharge rates and are also noticeably lighter. 

These advances have contributed to the huge commercial success of these popular hand held gadgets and have enabled major increases in their uses. The fact that they can also be transported around without noticing their presence (where as a portable phone used to have a power supply the size of a car battery to operate it) has seen their uptake across all walks of life, industries and throughout the world. 

As part of this growth in Portable Mobile Products, the chemistry needed for Customized Battery Packs has strived to keep pace. There are now many specialist battery design companies that provide a wide range of services to design, develop, test and distribute Custom Battery Packs that are specifically required to power and re-charge the mobile device based on its own operational and performance attributes. 

It’s now very clear that Custom Mobile Power Packs is not a situation of a "one size fits all" approach. The micro-circuitry of most of these new mobile devices is very advanced and the electrical power factors required to drive them are complex. A miscalculation could mean an expensive power surge or inadequate delivery that could possibly wreck the instrument or render the system unusable. 

Where a Brand Name product is concerned this product failure can have much wider implications as damage to a Brand's reputation can have long term commercial implications. 

Additional uses of Mobile Power Battery Packs: A great number of Custom Mobile Power Packs are integrated into Commercial Products and Life & Mission Critical Applications. 

Fault tolerant, mission critical equipment that usually runs from mains electricity relies on its Custom Designed Battery Packs to continue its use in the unfortunate situation of this power source being unavailable. In the rare case that this backup power being required it's mission critical nature means that it must be completely reliable. 

Remote Power: Where animals are kept in remote fields, sometimes a long way from the nearest power source, Custom battery Packs are used to provide low voltage charges over a long time frame and can be easily replaced by a totally recharged pack on a regular basis. These are just some examples of the huge variety of instruments that need Custom Battery Packs and the factors that need to be taken into account when designing and building mobile power technology. PMBL are a custom battery pack manufacturer, using cells by Varta, GP, Saft, Sanyo and many others.

Why the Need for Custom Mobile Battery Power Packs? Find Out More.

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