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Battery Assembly

Battery Assembly: Solutions To Meet Your Requirements

Custom Battery Assembly, designed specifically to match the power delivery that's needed to drive your application, whatever its size or complexity. 

PMBL's UK battery assembly and production facility now occupies 2 purpose built units in Somerset and employs staff with many years of experience, designing and developing battery prototypes that expand into small volume batches and large scale production runs. It all starts with in depth technical advice and cost effective solutions for battery assembly in the UK.

Battery Assembly Service - Batteries custom built by PMBL in the UK

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Battery Assembly - How To Get Started

It all starts with a detailed design session, where we discuss you plans, explore options and put the foundations of relevant proto-types together. It may require some proof of concept work to ensure that the design considerations are viable from a power and production point of view.

Using the experience of our battery design and prodcution teams and by plugging into your application insight ensures that the resultant solution can be produced to specification and to the timeframes, cost and quality that you require.

Battery Assembly & Production Process

Discovery: A key foundation of any project is to understand your business and project aims as early as possible. Establishing clear requirements and building a close relationship will help deliver excellent results. 

Design: By working closely as a team, our respective staff will jointly deliver most appropriate solution for your application and budget. 

Develop: Once the detailed design is complete, early proto-types or short production runs will start the delivery process and assist in resolving any integration issues that may occur. 

Quality Testing: A thorough QA and Testing Process ensures that your product meets your requirements from a Quality and Financial viewpoint 

Battery Manufacture: Once the test and evaluation process is complete, full production can start.

Batteries that PMBL Assemble:

  • Lithium Polymer
  • Nickel Metal Hydride
  • Alkaline Primary
  • Lithium thionyl chloride
  • Lithium ion
  • Lithium Primary
  • Nickel Cadmium
  • Lithium Manganese
  • Lead acid

Battery Assembly Production Facilities 

Custom Battery Packs - Batteries custom designed and assembled in the UK by PMBL
  • Custom Battery Design Specialist Engineers
  • Battery Assembly Workshops
  • Advanced Electrical & Computer monitored testing
  • Welding (Ultrasonic)
  • Lead Assembly Production
  • Battery Encapsulation using foam or resin based products
  • We can offer a range of labelling options to suit your requirements
  • Storage and Distribution Facilities

Battery Assembly Quality Assurance

In order to maintain the highest levels of Battery Production Quality and Customer Support, our ongoing programme of monitoring and adherence to ISO Standards ensures that we continuously improve our service to our customers. 

Our ISO9001 Certification for our quality assurance management means that you can be assured that your custom battery packs will be delivered on time and to the correct specification - every time. 

Talk to a Battery Assembly Specialist

If you would like more information on PMBL's Custom Battery Assembly Service and how it can help you develop your application or product:

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