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Battery Manufacturers

Battery Manufacturers Supported by PMBL

As well as using our own batteries, at PMBL we work with batteries produced by the major battery manufacturers to ensure that we always provide the most appropriate solution for your requirements. Different battery manufacturers supply batteries with different specifications, properties and costs. 

PMBL's Battery Engineers have extensive knowledge of the batteries available on the market and will work with you to confirm your design requirements and recommend the most appropriate battery and most economical solution. 

PMBL are pleased to be associated with a wide range of Battery Manufacturers.

Primary Battery Suppliers: 





Secondary Battery Suppliers: 

  • Duracell
  • Tadiran
  • Maxwell
  • Samsung
  • A123
  • Energizer
  • Moli 

For more information about the Battery Manufacturers that PMBL work with and who's battery cells are used in our battery pack assembly programme, click on the link to the DataSheets. 

If you would like advice from one of our Battery Specialists, please get in touch. 

Call us on 01460 66366 or email or Click Below. 

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