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Silver Oxide Batteries

Advantages of Silver Oxide Batteries

The silver oxide primary battery is used widely in electronic equipment that requires a small compact power source. The high volumetric energy density of the Silver Oxide button cell, and its ability to deliver the energy at relatively high current drains, makes it ideal for miniature devices where space is limited. 

The silver oxide battery is also noted for its extremely stable discharge voltage, good shelf life, and ability to operate over a wide temperature range. These unique characteristics make these batteries best suited for applications such as low-power LCD watch and calculator displays, quartz analog watches, and some camera applications.

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Key Features Of Silver Oxide Batteries:

  • Cell Voltage: The open circuit voltage of the silver cell is 1.6 V. Typical median operating voltage is 1.5 to 1.2 V.•
  • Capacity: 14 mAh to 180 mAh. • 
  • Energy by Weight: 60 Wh/lb. (130 Wh/kg) • 
  • Energy by Volume: 8.2 Wh/cubic inch (500 Wh/l) • 
  • Shelf Life: Charge retention is over 84% after two years of storage at 70°F (21°C) • 
  • Temperature Range: -20° C to +60° C • 
  • Sizes: The silver cell is manufactured in button cell configurations.

Applications For Silver Oxide Batteries:

Cameras, Electric Shavers, Electronic Calculators, Electronic Door Locks, Fire Detectors, Flashlights, Pagers, Strobes, Tape Recorders, Toys, and other cordless products.

  • Hearing aids, 
  • watches, 
  • photographic equipment and 
  • special electronics requiring small, high capacity batteries., 

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