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Bespoke Batteries Designed to Your Specification

Bespoke Batteries by Battery Pack Design Specialists PMBL, an Industry Leading Battery Pack Manufacturer and Assembly company that has partnered with many innovative businesses and delivered the Optimum battery solution for each of their individual, specific requirements. As a design and technology driven, customer focused, battery pack manufacturer, PMBL have many references for their ability to offer the complete battery technology, full procurement and manufacturing process for a wide range of battery technologies including intrinsically safe applications.

Your Product Vision - The Project Starts with You The Customer.

Your Timescales. Your Deadlines. Your Investment.

Technically Complex applications. Extreme operating conditions. High expectations of quality solutions from customers.

PMBL's reputation is built upon Delivery - Technology, Design, Testing, Manufacturing, Reliability, coupled with unrivalled customer service in addition to a respectful but open approach to project management.

Bespoke Batteries and Battery Pack Design Service

The battery solutions PMBL provide must fit seamlessly into the products and applications you, the customer, are creating. High performance and operation capabilities, not only during use but during periods of re-charging are essential to success.

Project Management

PMBL's approach to delivering the ideal battery design solution is a tried and tested, repeatable process that ensures your expectations are matched and often exceeded.

The Discovery Process

The Keystone of any new project is to clearly understand your business and project aims at the earliest point possible. Establishing these requirements and building a close working relationship will help deliver excellent results.

The Design Process

Working closely as a team, our joint staff efforts will deliver the most appropriate solution for your application and budget needs.

The Development Approach

Once the detailed design is complete, early proto-types or short production runs will start the delivery process and assist in resolving any integration issues that may occur.

Battery Manufacture and Assembly Service

Having UK based assembly facility (Chard, Somerset, UK) ensures easy access and a responsive, easy to communicate way of delivering a cost-effective service. In situations where you may already have a battery design or have an existing supplier and wish to seek an alternative, we can offer a service that ensures you get exactly what you want when you need it, whilst remaining in control. Application performance significantly depends on how well the battery delivers the power and recharge capabilities required.

Our relationships with the major battery manufacturers together with our clients make our batteries capable and reliable by merging the design process with quality management. This means critical battery development stages are never compromised as this is often a false economy. Once the test and evaluation process is complete, full production can start.

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Bespoke Batteries by Battery Pack Design Specialists - PMBL - deliver solutions with battery cells from the UK's leading battery manufacturers.

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