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Bespoke NiMH Battery Packs

Bespoke NiMH Battery Packs are used in many larger applications such as Consumer Electronics that require rechargeable batteries (such as Digital Cameras), Automotive and Vehicle Battery Power Units, redundant backup power units for large scale application within the Telecommunications and and Rail Network systems. 

Research and development of the NiMH Battery System commenced in the 1970's but slowed in it's early stages due to the instability of some of it's core chemical hydride components. WIth the subsequent development of new Hydride alloys in the 1980's, the necessary level of stability meant that NiMH cell development has continued to grow, giving the improvements that a NiMH Battery Pack offers in Energy Density today. 

The modern NiMH offers up to 40 percent higher energy density compared to Ni-Cd. There is potential for yet higher capacities, but not without some negative side effects. The NiMH has been replacing the Ni-Cd in markets such as wireless communications and mobile computing and is more environmentally friendly, especially when considering disposal as it contains only mild toxins.

Advantages of NiMH Battery Packs:

  • 30 - 40 % higher capacity over a standard Ni-Cd. The NiMH has potential for yet higher energy densities.
  • Less prone to memory than the Ni-Cd. Periodic exercise cycles are required less often.
  • Simple storage and transportation - transportation conditions are not subject to regulatory control.
  • Environmentally friendly - contains only mild toxins; profitable for recycling.Limitations

Dis-Advantages of NiMH Battery Packs:

  • Limited service life - The performance starts to deteriorate after 200 to 300 cycles.
  • Limited discharge current - Repeated discharges with high load currents reduces the battery’s cycle life.
  • Longer Charge Period - Controlled Trickle Charge needed.
  • High self-discharge - 50 percent higher self-discharge compared to the Ni-Cd. New chemical additives improve the self-discharge but at the expense of lower energy density.
  • High Temperature Performance degradation - Performance degrades if stored at elevated temperatures, NiMH Battery Packs should be stored in a cool place and at a state-of-charge of about 40 %
  • High maintenance - battery requires regular full discharge to prevent crystalline formation.
  • Price - About 20 % more expensive than Ni-Cd.

PMBL can manufacture your Bespoke NiMH Battery Packs with cells from Varta, GP, Saft, Sanyo, Emmerich and many more.

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