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Quality Battery Pack Design and Assembly

Quality Battery Pack Design and Assembly, manufactured to your own specifications can be the difference between success and failure of a new product. If you need a custom made or bespoke battery pack, accurately made to match your specifications, the assistance of a battery design company is probably essential. 

There are many types of considerations. Battery power output, physical size, recharge rates, charge duration, rapid manufacturing turnaround or a CAD design and battery prototyping service all require special attention. You need to select a battery engineering company to help to through the decision process. 

Custom battery packs have been used in many products and applications: 

  • Mobility Vehicles
  • Battery Powered Carts
  • Uninterrupted Power Supplies
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Transport Systems
  • Railway Networks
  • Electronic Games and Consoles
  • Intrinsically Safe Environments
  • Medical Equipment and
  • Surveillance, Security and Access Control Systems

Battery Pack Design & Protoyping. Using the latest design technologies, supported by experienced battery pack engineering staff qualified to provide specialist battery pack design and prototyping services. If you are unsure as to the detailed specifics of your application or are at an early point of product development our engineers can help. 

Quality Control. The quality of the resulting battery pack solution is our top priority and our manufacturing process is in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. With a purpose built in-house battery testing facility to ensure that your batter power delivers as per your requirements every time, giving your application the performance it needs. 

Battery Pack Assembly. The assembly of your battery pack is performed by experienced staff who are familiar with the process of manufacturing bespoke battery packs.

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