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As an Authorized Value-Added Partner, PMBL has an unrivalled relationship with VARTA Microbattery GmbH.

One of the few remaining European-based battery manufacturers, VARTA has built its reputation on uncompromising quality in cell design and manufacture.

With VARTA’s support, PMBL specializes in delivering the best possible solution to you, using a consultative approach to combine all aspects of your requirements (lifetime, storage requirements, operating environment and cost) into your ideal battery pack solution.

Below is an overview of the core products offered by VARTA and PMBL to be the foundation of your next battery pack:

NiMH Button Cells

VARTA offers a range of exceptionally high quality button cells which PMBL have nearly 10 years experience in assembling to our own exacting standards into packs of any configuration.

  • Built in pressure vent guarantees safety in case of mistreatment.
  • Low self-discharge: no handling, no charging ready to use after storage due to superior self-discharge performance.
  • Extended product lifetime of more than 1000 cycles (IEC).
  • Overcharge capability: cost effective charging system with no need for special components due to patented GCE electrode.
  • Deep discharge capability: longer lasting shelf-life with high capacity retention after deep discharge.
  • High Temperature (HT) cells available designed specifically for environments up to 85degC (ask for more details).
  • High Rate (HR) cells available designed specifically for high-rate discharge requirements. Discharge rates up to 5 x cell capacity (ask for more details).
  • Range from 15mAh – 600mAh cells

Download further information by clicking on the links below:

Overview - Rechargeable Ni-MH Button:
Handbook - Rechargeable Ni-MH Button:


Varta Batteries

NiMH Cylindrical Cells

  • Safe and powerful
  • No need for expensive safety electronics
  • Faster design and shorter time to market (compared to lithium)
  • Built in pressure vent for additional safety
  • Range from 700mAh to 4500mAh cells which can be configured together into almost limitless designs.

Download futher information by clicking on the link below:

Overview - Rechargeable Ni-MH Cylindrical:

VARTA Primary Lithium Cells

Varta Batteries

Primary Lithium Cells

  • High energy density
  • Wide range of cylindrical and button cells
  • 3.0V and 3.6V technologies
  • Rated between 5 and 15 years operational life (depending on type)
  • Capacities up to 19000mAh per cell#

Download futher information by clicking on the links below:

Overview - Primary Lithium Cells:
Handbook - Primary Lithium Cells:
Handbook - Primary Lithium Cylindrical Series:
Overview - Primary Lithium Cylindrical Series:

VARTA Lithium Button Cells

Varta Batteries


PMBL are approved by VARTA for battery pack assembly.

For more information about the types of batteries that the companies can supply, click on the link to the DataSheets.

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