Rechargeable NiMH Batteries

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There are many advantages to using NiMh Rechargeable Batteries, especially when they're designed and manufactured by specialists specifically for your product. The best way to receive all the advantages that Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries have to offer, is by making sure that you have the right battery composition for your electronic application or product. 

Bespoke NIMH Battery Cells

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Bespoke NiMH Battery Cells, are typically used in a wide range of electronic applications that are high-end and require powerful rechargeable batteries. PMBL, with many years of experience have designed, developed and manufactured bespoke NiMH battery cells for a diverse variety of mobile electronic applications and commercial products. NiMH batteries can be found in; Consumer Electronics that require re-chargeable batteries (such as Digital Cameras); Automotive and Vehicle Battery Power Units (such as cars, vans and tractors); and redundant backup and emergency power units for large scale applications within the Telecommunications and Rail Network Industries.

Specialist Custom NiMH Battery Designers

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Specialist Custom NiMH Battery Designers can make all the difference to your new innovations and product development, especially if you contact and involve them at the initial stage of the project cycle. Ideally, the earlier you can involve them the better as this initial involvement can highlight any possible design or manufacturing limitations or flaws that can be potentially costly and time consuming to resolve if not detected until the later phases of the project time span.

Custom NiMH Battery Pack Assembly

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Custom NiMH Battery Pack Assembly, will allow product developers to power, size and shape the batteries they need for those awkward places that batteries often need to be placed. Still requiring the same reliable, powerful rechargeable batteries as with most products but with that special manufacturing element that will make the difference. NiMH battery packs deliver many of the advantages of NiCd batteries (such as low cost with a variety of dimensions) without the associated disadvantages relating to environmental concerns. Many NiCd battery applications have migrated over to NiMH solutions and seen significant improvements, especially power capacity, which has almost doubled.


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