Custom Battery Designers and Manufacturers

Get the right help with Custom Battery Pack Design and Manufacture

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As Leading UK Customised Battery Designers and Manufacturers, PMBL have a reputation for delivering advanced battery design and production with accurate, rapid turn around, innovative battery designs with inhouse facilities for proto-typing, preliminary and mass product testing, manufacturing and distribution all from units within the UK. Where businesses require customised heavy duty industrial battery designs or high energy powerpacks (rail networks, communications, heavy infrastructure, equipment production) or light weight technology industries requiring extreme and long lasting unitd with easy recharge battery solutions (mobile applications, light electronics, leisure) PMBL UK may be able to provide the custom battery design and engineering that your business needs.

PMBL Latest Company News - Technical Sales Engineer

Patrick Smith

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PMBL Latest Company News - Technical Sales Engineer

PMBL are delighted to announce the appointment of Patrick Smith who joins our commercial team as Technical Sales Engineer. Despite the current challenges and headwinds, PMBL continues to grow as a major force in the field of high quality custom portable batteries and this newly created position reflects our confidence and commitment to yet further success. Patrick brings a wealth of battery design experience as well as technical and regulatory knowledge to our operation and will enhance our ability to offer solutions to even the most challenging battery requirements. We look forward to helping our valued customers and partners to achieve their future battery power demands supported by this increased resource.

Custom ATEX Battery Pack Design Service

ATEX and Hazardous Environments

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The Custom ATEX Battery Pack Design Service provided by PMBL has delivered the ideal battery solution to hundreds of satisified customers for over 20 years. Taking advantage of the latest innovations and ATEX Battery technology developments, our customer driven approach has helped us offer the complete design, procurement and manufacturing solution for ATEX and all other battery technologies especially, intrinsically safe applications.

Custom Battery Pack Design Services for NiMH Batteries

Get expert NiMH Battery Design

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Custom Battery Pack Design Services for NiMH Batteries are where PMBL can help you deliver the product solution you have been seeking. If you are just beginning on your product develop journey or if you have begun already but are hitting problems with your incumbent battery design supplier it's certainly worth an exploratory chat with one of PMBL's experienced NiMH Battery Pack Design Engineers.

Why use an ATEX battery for your application

ATEX and Hazardous Environments

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ATEX stands for ATmospheres EXplosible. This refers to the environments that these batteries may operate within and include areas that are considered to be hazardous, or potentially explosive, and include environments that are both gaseous (typically petrochemical) and dusty, such as flour mills, saw mills and some food processing plants. Specifically an ATEX battery or ATEX battery pack is specifically designed to conform to European Union directive 94/9/EC.


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