Battery Pack Specialists Help Product Development

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The purpose of a battery pack is to provide a convenient integrated power source for portable applications or services that cannot be connected to mains power due to their location. Custom Battery Packs have now evolved into the key component of most mobile electrical equipment. Think of the improvements made to mobile phones, laptops and tablets. The batteries have longer life, fit easily into the design of the product are much lighter and are quicker to re-charge. The key benefit of using custom battery pack designs is that designing the battery pack to suit the product gives greater flexibility in product design and performance rather than just fitting a standard battery pack with the limitations that may present.

Battery Pack Assembly Quality Assurance

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Battery Pack Assembly can involve components from a number of different suppliers. To ensure that the quality of the end product is to the standard PMBL and it's customers demand it's essential to have the right quality assurance processes in place.

Lithium Ion Battery Packs

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Lithium Ion Battery Technology is now included in almost every advanced mobile electronic device. Everything from mobile phones to Laptop Computers and Tablets. There are such a wide variety of shapes & sizes, power outputs and re-charge rates that a Custom Battery Pack designed for specific applications is now becoming common place.


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