Custom Battery Pack Design Service

Custom Batteries Designed to Your Specification

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The Custom Battery Pack Design Service provided by PMBL has delivered the optimum battery solution to hundreds of satisified customers for over 20 years. As an innovative, customer orientated, battery pack manufacturer, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer the complete procurement and manufacturing solution for all battery technologies including intrinsically safe applications.

Specialist Bespoke NiMH Battery Designers

Custom Battery Pack Design

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Specialist Bespoke NiMH Battery Designers can make all the difference to your new product innovations and development, pre-dominantly if you contact and involve them at the initial stage of the project cycle. More importantly, the earlier you can include them in this process the better as this up front involvement can highlight any possible design or manufacturing limitations or flaws that can be potentially costly and time consuming to resolve if not detected until the later phases of the project time span.


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