Custom Medical Battery Pack Design and Assembly

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Custom Medical Battery Pack Design and Assembly specialists can make a significant impact on the successful outcome of your new medical equipment product development or battery replacement. It's unusual for life critical medical equipment under development, that require mobile battery power, not to require Custom Medical Battery Pack Design and Assembly in order to get the best solution for their products. Just searching for an online battery store and purchasing a couple of off the shelf AA batteries simply isn't going to deliver the technical components essential to success.

Medical and Healthcare Battery Solutions

Medical and healthcare batteries

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Medical and Healthcare Battery Solutions are mission critical within the Healthcare Industry. Many years of designing and manufacturing custom batteries for mission critical systems and technology have resulted in PMBL being a key supplier to the Medical and Healthcare Industries for highly efficient, reliable, and long lasting mobile battery power. Whether it's for Intensive Care Units (ICU's) where reliability, accuraccy and availablilty of equipment, systems and monitors can make all the difference to those who depend on this technology; or Specialist Medical Condition Healthcare such as Cardiology or Obstetrics & Gynaecology or Oncology; Mobile Battery and Battery Backup & Support systems are key to their success.

Custom Made Medical Batteries

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Custom Made Medical Batteries are mission critical within the Healthcare Industry. The current situation within the healthcare industry where key equipment must have autonomy and failsafe capabilities has resulted in the widespread use of battery backup systems being designed and built into each unit. Custom Made Medical Batteries also help by additionally making sure that the correct power performance needs are met but by providing the ideal solution in an effective way as possible, ensuring that your lead time to market, proto-typing and testing costs are kept as low as possible.

Specialist Bespoke NiMH Battery Pack Designers

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Specialist Bespoke NiMH Battery Pack Designers can make all the difference to your new product designs, developments and innovations, especially if you engage with them early and involve them at the initial stage of the project life-cycle. Ideally, the sooner you can involve them the better as this early engagement and involvement can put the spotlight on any potential design or manufacturing limitations or oversights that can be potentially expensive and time consuming to remedy if not identified until the later phases of the development cycle.

Bespoke Battery Assembly UK

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Bespoke Battery Assembly UK companies can rely on for their Bespoke Battery Assembly UK requirements. PMBL has a reputation for leading edge innovations relating to the design, quality, reliability, and timeliness in it's delivery of new Bespoke Battery Assembly Solutions. The battery pack design team at PMBL include engineers with established track records as designers, developers and manufacturer's of commercial battery power solutions with many years experience across most industrial sectors. 


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