Specialist Battery Pack Design and Assembly Service

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PMBL's Specialist Battery Pack Design and Assembly Service has a reputation for delivering cost effective, leading edge innovations relating to the design, quality, reliability, and timeliness in it's delivery of new Battery Pack Solutions. The battery pack design and assembly team at PMBL include engineers with established track records as designers, developers and manufacturer's of industrial battery packs with significant years of hands on experience across most business sectors. 

Custom Battery Packs

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Custom Battery Packs Designed and Assembled by UK Battery Specialists PMBL are now in high demand and being able to talk to a UK based designer and manufacturer of custom batteries offers many advantages to businesses. Battery technology is complex and ever changing with advances in size, power output and recharging capabilities and as such custom batteries are now essential for new electronic products.  

Custom NiMH Battery Pack Assembly

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Custom NiMH Battery Pack Assembly, will allow product developers to power, size and shape the batteries they need for those awkward places that batteries often need to be placed. Still requiring the same reliable, powerful rechargeable batteries as with most products but with that special manufacturing element that will make the difference. NiMH battery packs deliver many of the advantages of NiCd batteries (such as low cost with a variety of dimensions) without the associated disadvantages relating to environmental concerns. Many NiCd battery applications have migrated over to NiMH solutions and seen significant improvements, especially power capacity, which has almost doubled.

Bespoke Battery Pack Design

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If your applications need a Bespoke Battery Pack Design, one that delivers the most effective mobile power solution for your product (cost and delivery), then it's important to select the right Bespoke Battery Design Company, one that will ensure that the battery design created is tailor made for you and your business application.


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