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A UK Custom Made Battery Pack Manufacturer and Assembler that can give your business the advantage it needs when developing your new mobile electronic application or product. It's unusual for electronic product developers that require mobile power as part of their inherent design and get the best battery power solution by just Googling for an online or high-street battery store and purchasing a couple of standard AA batteries. 

Custom Made Batteries and Packs, Design, Assembly, Manufacture UK

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PMBL provide an industry leading Custom Made Batteries, Packs, Design, Assembly and Manufacture Service for UK and Global Businesses who are seeking the optimum battery solution for their new innovations and products. For over 20 years, PMBL has given an innovative, customer orientated service as a UK battery pack manufacturer and takes great pride in its ability to offer a complete service from procurement to design, assembly, manufacturing and distribution for all battery technologies including intrinsically safe applications.

PMBL Latest Company News - Peter Wearing Key Account Manager

New Key Account Manager joins PMBL

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PMBL Latest Company News - Key Account Manager

PMBL are pleased to announce that Peter Wearing will be joining PMBL as Key Account Manager this month. Peter has a long history within the professional battery industry and has worked for several major battery brands. This adds a great deal of experience to our team and will contribute to our continuing growth and success. We look forward to welcoming Peter on board.

Specialist Battery Assembly And Manufacture UK

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Specialist Battery Assembly And Manufacture UK companies can rely on for their Bespoke Battery Assembly UK requirements. PMBL has a reputation for leading edge innovations relating to the design, quality, reliability, and timeliness in it's delivery of new Bespoke Battery Assembly Solutions. The battery pack design team at PMBL include engineers with established track records as designers, developers and manufacturer's of commercial battery power solutions with many years experience across most industrial sectors. 

Specialist NiMH Battery Suppliers

Custom Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Manufacturers and Suppliers

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If you require a Specialist NiMH Battery Supplier, PMBL have many combined years of experience in designing and developing custom designed and manufactured NiMH batteries for a wide range of industrial and commercial products and mobile electronic applications. These specialist NiMH batteries are designed for many top end applications, typically: Consumer Electronics that require re-chargeable batteries (such as Digital Cameras), Automotive and Vehicle Battery Power Units and back-up, redundant power units for significant scale applications within the Telecomms and Rail Infrastructure Industries.


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