NiMH Battery Specialists UK

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NiMH Battery Specialists, PMBL, can make all the difference to your product development if you involve them at an early stage of application development. In fact the earlier you involve PMBL's NiMH Battery Specialists the better, as this early involvement can highlight any potential design or production flaws that can be expensive and time consuming to remedy if not detected until later in the project life cycle.

Custom NiMH Batteries

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Custom NiMH Batteries are most commonly used in the larger retail based applications such as Consumer Electronics that require advanced technology rechargeable batteries (such as Digital Cameras), Automotive and Vehicle Battery Power Units, redundant backup power units for large scale application within the Computer, Telecommunications, Heavy Industrial and Rail Network systems. 

Custom Battery Design and Assembly Service

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PMBL's Custom Battery Design and Assembly Service has a reputation for leading edge innovations relating to the design, quality, reliability, and timeliness in it's delivery of new Battery Pack Solutions. The battery pack design team at PMBL include engineers with established track records as designers, developers and manufacturer's of commercial battery power solutions with many years experience across most industrial sectors. 

Custom Battery Manufacturers UK

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Custom battery manufacturers UK companies can rely on are pretty rare nowadays. That's why selecting the right custom battery pack design and assembly partner is so important to get the results you want for your new product or application. Being able to discuss your requirements and talk with a UK based designer and manufacturer, one that specialises in the manufacture of custom batteries, offers many advantages to UK businesses. Battery technology is more complex than ever with many changes in size, power output and recharging capabilities and as such custom batteries are now essential to bring new products to market.  


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